#first time i spotted the morning star in the evening in a long  time. 


Traditionally 13 is power, energy, raw potential … the ability to manifest quicker. That is why 13 has a bad rap as a number, such as Friday the 13th, floor 13, etc. When most people think about what could happen, they think about what they don’t want to happen. Hence 13 has a bad rap for generating trouble and unwanted things. But as I have known even before #LOA, 13 is simply a power number. Like dynamite, you can use it for good, or use it to destroy … and now I understand that what guides the power is the propensity of your thoughts i.e. #LOA

What does traditional 13 have to do with boz? I have no idea … that’s what you are designing with your thoughts as you go along, while believing you are uncovering something so as to make the designing process more interesting and exciting to you.  

well in this thought,  13 is squared … which means that it  twice the impact here than if it only occured once.   so according to your interp of 13,  there is a  large component of power manifested in the context of  this thought.  the single 7 (spiritual) and then yet an unknown 19.   were i to express the match that i see now, it would go something like,  “a new power of mixing in spiritual media” … which if you haven’t gathered yet is something that i am working on.   Can you see that match in the thought? … or is it yet too deep inside of me nullnull

Okay … am awaiting the design of your unconscious thoughts.

p.s. in math, a square is not times 2. They are different things. A square is that amount times itself, which in this case, would be 13 times the power of one 13. How does your system design it? Each instance multiplies by one more (i.e. twice the power as you said) or each instance multiplies by it’s own number, a true square? Or a third alternative, each instance multiplies by a power of 2 or in other words exponentially by 2 (binary square) which ends up being 4 times as much for two instances, 8 times as much for 3, 16 times for 4 instances, etc?

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it appears twice, the exponential curve is just the number explosion that is happening.   so how do we  interpert the significance of the factor occuring twice … i say it just means that it is twice as strong.  if it was cubed, it would be even stronger. 

you can see this in the opposite way.   look at 2.  does it mean shit that a single 2 occurs in a interp … no not so very much.   But if you get a 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 … which i saw recently … well now you are really comming around null.   Or look for the 3 * 3 * 3 * 3 kind of thingies … those are what i really get surprised or excited about. 

Yep, I think that is a better design too. Powers are too much mojo. So then it is not a square, that was just a slip of the tongue. Multiple occupancies are just multiplied linearly by their number of occupancies. A common mistake … it is so easy to say 2 of something is a square because in the case of the number 2, it is a square and a linear progression, both. But not with bigger numbers.