Cheers ... closing down 2 AM


did you get your wallaby going there?

i got experiences.  the wallabies happened when i was in bed with my eyes shut at 1 AM this morning.  The photo was taken abound  2 AM, just beofore closing.   It was a cold night in the naked city … 28 degrees farenheight.  I was not cold.

It’s about that them outside this AM here according to accuweather. When we were in Colorado it got to -9
crisp but dry.
I hold everything, thoughts & feelings included (dreams too!), as experience until the Ego goes dark then who knows?

Sure everything i experience is an experience, even my dreams.  There are lots of different kinds however.   Interesting somtime to recognize where one kind ends and another kind begins. 

My ego changes all the time,  after all i have represented it as “I am a variable” … i don’t know how i could ever honestly say, “I experience” without my ego.   So i don’t know what you refer to as “the Ego goes dark”. 

deep sleep is “dark” – basically unconscious

oh, ok … #GotIt