thinking domain

junk … cant figure it out in Chrome either


You are still editing the thought. Don’t do that. Just drag onto the thought.

ok got it … but why now does this thought seem to go on forever … when viewed in the river

IDK … WTF would you edit a thought in the river for anyway?

But in any case, it doesn’t go on for ever, just pretty long. Apparently the auto sizing is messed up trying to do that in the river. Try it on an actual thought, not in the bloody river, where anybody in their right mind would be editing a thought!  

whatever … you appareltly missed the ball i passed you on that one.  

me, i got actual work to do in this space … i’ll play with you later.


I already fixed sizing the the river. It works now. But what the bloody hell would you be doing trying to change things from the river? That’s ludicrous if you get what the river is!

I have harped on the illigitamacy of the river for eons!

i want to change a thought wherver it appears … that is how the system can keep up with my rapid processess … it adapts to me ... not me to it.   sorry that you seem to continually miss the  passed balls … as if you were playing with yourself.   oh well … later gater when your legs are straighter null

Tai’t about changing things where you want. It’s about the ludicrousy of the river.  

For instance, what if the river was real and real people were here creating and editing new thoughts right now? Then the river would be jumping all over the place due to the live change updates! It would be absurd to try and change things in that rapidly dynamic environment.

no time to argue today nathan …. gotta shoot some baskets.  this is not about you. 

i.e. You continually treat the river as if it is your own private desktop. It is not, that is not at all what it is about, by your own design of what it is. The fact that you can treat it that way is just a anomalie of the fact that there are so few people here.

What you really want is a river-like desktop, not the real river. I have been saying this for a long time. But you so love that the river appears to be your own private desktop, that you keep ignoring me.

when a thought appears in whatever contex it appears then i can use it there for exactly what it does.  no exceptions.  forcing me to go somwhere else out of that context would slow me down and be very distracting. 

I don’t doubt that. I am talking about the river … different thing. The river is the rapid flowing of current thoughts … it is just not flowing right now because so few thoughts are getting created, or modified, right now.

the river, whatever it is, is just another context in which a thought can appear.  it may or may not flow as fast as you are thinking it will.  depends on who is present and actively thinking in that particular domain. 

For example, you go to the river and it is moving so slowly that your boat might as well be on a placid lake. There, it is easy to think, to write, to paint on a canvas.

Try taking your little one man boat to a real river that is flowing fast with lots of rapids and turbulance and then see how easy you can think and write and paint on a canvas.

it will work just fine if you treat a thought wherver it appeas the same.   it is but for your own thinking that is making it not work for me.   you of course can think differently … but you can not think differently for me … now can you?  

you trying to think me differently than i actually am, is doing what now? … do you notice anyting happening here … do you hear a tone … do you kow how that vibration is being created?

Okay already. I get it … you don’t want to get what I am saying about the river. In any case, that is something different.

I gave you an early preview of the new cartoon like widget feature because it seems like it will stimulate excitement for you … and I notice you need some. It’s a good thing … and doesn’t have anything to do with the river so we don’t need to talk about the river because the river really is a non-entity in any of this right now except that you don’t get the river, okay?

hey progress on the cartoons is great null.   i did not expect that today null

and it is totally exciting nullnullthumbs upnull … and i did need that ….

i have been thinking it would happen for a long time … in 17 second bursts null.  

not having to go into editing is great … but totally unexpected.   might be great if could use it in edit mode too … maybe even in comments.

The opposite is what is scheduled to happen. As you may notice, this is not just about cartoons, but is an overlay system for thoughts and can be used for absolutely anything … any way of enhancing a thought with additional placeable and sizeable material you want.

And, as you may have noticed, the editor is in-line for rich text … and that is where I have wanted to go with the thought editor as well, for a long time. Then you just edit the thought content in-place instead in a separate pop up window.

So, instead of trying to make widget editing work in the thought editor, which would be a nightmare of alignment issues, the plan is to make the thought editor work just like the rest of the widgets.

well editing something right in place rather than popping up a box somwhere else would certainly be a great stride forward.   if i had a penny for every time i started editing right in a comment after i clicked edit i would be a rich man … but then it dawns on me that i have to go find the bloody box and do my diddy there instead.

Right … and it would not be possible to edit a rich text widget inside a rich text thought edit anyway … so this is the only viable direction to go. And this way, all alignment between all components is automatic too.