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LARKSVILLE, TN—Explaining that people need to be critical of the news stories that circulate on social media these days, area Facebook user James Wheatley, 44, reportedly took the time to verify the truth of an article he came across Thursday by carefully checking it against the opinions he already holds. “You can’t just accept everything you see online, which is why I always take a closer look at the claims that are made in every article and make sure that each one of them is backed up by my existing assumptions and personal feelings about the world,” said Wheatley, who told reporters he had to correct several friends on Facebook earlier this week after an investigation of his beliefs and individual political perspectives proved the articles they had posted to be entirely false

null Doesn’t everyone use this proof?


Of course not. Reality is loosening up in the current times. We are leaving a timeperiod where the majority were synced up on the circumstances of their individual realities and entering a timeperiod where having all or even most circumstances in sync with others has little value to people.

Soon people will be deeply involved in there own reality experiences and only connecting with others upon the circumstances that are desired to be shared. In fact, you can witness this happening … on FB for instance.

This guy is forcing the old model upon the prevalence of the current times … as do many who are still operating under the idea that there is one universe for all. These are turbulent times, as the models are all mixing and fluxing. The turbulence will eventfully settle down as the majority becomes comfortable with every person having their own circumstances. My guess is that the turbulence will peak soon, in the next 20 years, and then taper off over the next 100 years or so.

#HaHa – #AlreadyAlwaysArguing – missed two clues that this was from the Onion! null

Ha ha, well if you actually read the content of what I said, instead of already always putting your own spin on it, then you would have realized that I am saying that “the onion” is one of many examples of people starting to experience in their own realities in parallel. In fact, it is a better example than about anything else. People read things from the onion, believe it in groups, and it then becomes, for them, maybe not for you because of your tightly controlled singular reality, but it does become in their experience. Wha la!

Yep still #AlreadyAlwaysArguing – didn’t read it on purpose – it was a joke.  You & bozo seem to take your shit too seriously this AM – maybe join the circus or something.

… Or accepting that most people will just make up their own shit is a #Fad.   

#trumpism is a fad.    Like #PokemonGo … likely it will pass. 

Things like accepting as normal our president continually saying bold face lies like “Hillary won the popular vote because millions of people voted illegally”  is  just not something that will most people will want to do for very long.  

 ← Check out Brian Stelter’s piece on Reliable Sources this morningIt is worth a careful listen.  

Honesty will carry the day … bold faced lieing, propoganda and #FakeNews is more just a #Fad. 

Think positively !!

The Onion article was funny, of course null

& interjecting your own political persuasion as the proof about Trump just crisps it up null null