Santa At Open Mic Thursday at Luther's Table

The mic was shared by Kori Bori on facebook.  it is live now at 7:41 PM in Renton Thurday December 1 2016 ← for those of you who like eternally true sentences.

And this was what i did.


One of the more beautiful experiments in project II I remember was Simon’s Martian Chorale in the stairwell where sometimes David K played his flute but all the words to the “songs” were made up. null I don’t remember who else was in it.

mostly i missed that one.

The echo chamber of the stairwell made it work! thumbs up … like singing in the bathroom.

my ending scream was quite a rush … it was what provoked me to say  #thanks to the audience.   i listened to it on the tape and don’t think the mic on KoriBori’s iPhone captured it anywhere near like i heard it from the inside.  i did get a bit of confiration of that when an innocent child asked me later why i screamed so loud … it had obviously got to him too.