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Seth says ...
well some do and some don’t.  

i think the trick to this lies in the direction of “Taking control of our media” … #SelectiveSpending for our own #attention.   Currently our culture is pushing something entirely different.   This morning, provoked by you, i went to look for a  #SelectiveSpending meme on Google Images.  Guess what i ran into instead … memes (or thoughts same thing) as far as the eye could see about how best to advertise and market … think about that, it is quite the opposite direction.


I don’t think it is possible to take control of the media. The very nature of media is to sensationalize … and if that stopped, the media would die out for the most part because it would not be replacing excitement with sensationalism anymore … it would not be satisfying a true need, and would become boring.

The true answer is for everyone to follow their excitement … their own, not someone else’s and not replacing their own excitement with sensations from the media, or the social networks, or virtual reality, or drugs.

Usually when i think about media, like in my context #MixedMedia,  i am thinking with a very broad stoke, like a fish swims in water … that is the media of its motion … for a bird’s motions it is the air.   I think in a #MetaMeta .   The news that comes though broadcast TV is comming to me through a media … the Web a different one … the stage at #LuthersTable is another media.  When i lived without a home i lived in a street media that was entirely different than the suburban media i live now,  or as a farmer of #RussellFarm.  etc ...

It is true that the #BrodcastTV media is dominated by #sensationalism.  Many people’s subjective lives vicariously swim in that media.  I think you might agree that it is good for us to  “take control of the media in which our lives swim” … which is all i am saying in my quote above.

Now in that context, we could talk about other media directions like the new #PostTruth era dominating our medias … eg #trumpism where it is accepted that people say whatever just for immediate effect.   That is not where i am going,  your apparent embrase of it notwistanding.

Hey mark. Why don’t you get out among the people and write about the authentic experiences you find out there in the real world, instead of just repackaging the distorted commentary you absorb by sitting behind the computer all day and watching TV?

Well, I don’t agree. Like I say, I believe it is impossible. Taking control would be focusing more upon it, which would generate more of it and toward it. There is no way around that. The very idea of “Media” is a circular Law of Attraction process.

What I think is that people need to take more control of their own stories. Be more involved in the creation of their own life, instead of the lives of others. Be more in their own business. And what facilites all of those things, is being more in tune with one’s own excitement. Then, the media will fade back. Is it really necessary anymore anyway? We can find out what we want to know instantly … by googling it or other means. If we are busy living our own story in full and rich excitement, we won’t be looking for news of what others are doing, we will be deeply involved in what we are doing at the moment.

this thought for me is about  #MixedMedia

… and before you head that direction, I do not mean being more isolated or more selfish. I mean being more involved with those around you “right now” or that you are communicating with “right now” instead of off literally “living” what someone else has already lived where you were “not there”.

Well “our own lives” are directly connected to the lives of others.   ← experienced fact

It is through those connections that we #swim.  That is the media through which we must #LoaSwim just like a fish swims in water.  ← allagory

If it really is that i want to “control of my story”,  then taming those water is what i must do. 

← seth’s conjecture

← something to think about, eh?

Seems like you are simply changing the subject. The subject this started as is reported media, not the media of our story.

there are lots of different kinds of media.  how else do we get #MixedMedia which tringualtes a thingey form different perspectives.   what do they all have in common?

Yea sure. You are simply off on another track now though. All that I bespoke here was about the reporting media, not the media’s we swim in.

… and in what situations are those two media media so very different that what you said about the one would not also apply to the other?

The reporting media is not the media I swim in … I hardly even have awareness of it now … most of what I know about it is from years ago … and it is an artificial circular repeating entity.

The media I swim in is far beyond what most people swim in and encompasses many verses and is my own consciously created reality. They are about as different as night and day in my life … though I can see how both will be about the same for those who immerse themselves in the reporting media daily.

… absolutely i am sure null.    But lot’s of people swim in what you call “the reporting media” … most of them quite vicariously.  Some are more actively involved.   Lots of things which get reported in the media affect how millions of people swim … even you.  

I still think my original thesis, …

i think the trick to this lies in the direction of “Taking control of our media” … #SelectiveSpending for our own #attention.  


… which you said was “impossible”,  hangs true.

I have no idea what you are saying anymore. I gave above what I believe is the solution. It has nothing to do with media, it has to do with how people habitually think. It is not about changing anything outside, that will change on it’s own when people change how they think inside and change what they are focusing on.

You seem to be agreeing with what I say and also saying that people need to change something (not clear what by your ambiguity) outside in the public playing field (others with others). That is what I say won’t work, has not worked ever in all human history. People will not be able to fix this out there in the landscape of otherness. People have a wrong set up internally in the way they think … when they change that internal perspective, the outside interactions will line up very nicely.

thinking about effecting changes “outside in the public playing field – others to others”.

seth, you know my model well. You don’t need to keep breaking it up and putting it back together like this. It’s not really doing anything except allowing you openings to make left turns.

Well seems that  according to your model the advent of phones, radio, television, the internet, smart phones did not change how people are conscious and pay attention and think “outside in the public playing field – others to other”.   Sorry that does not match the experience most of us have had in the 20th and early 21st century.

#btw, there is no transaction between our #Egoo’s that is of the least bit exciting, or of any interest, to me in regards to this thought. 

I have never said anything about internet etc here. And in other places, I have talked about their value. Your fishing. Go forward as I outline, or don’t. It’s your door to open when you want to.