Years ago on FB I started a page called “Occupy Your Own Brain” much in response to all the emerging Occupy movements. Most of them were just updated “sit ins” from the 60’s without the fun & more like mob rule or #MobThink generated by partisans of one flavor or another.  My current suggestion is that you think for yourself.
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! - M.R.


Well i actually observed some of these demonstrations in #Seattle.    They did not feel like a #mob to me … much too diverse with many voices. 

Certainly each was partisan ….  Is that not always the case?

← my favorite picture of what was actually happening. 

The boy took the time to pose for my camera.  
#thanks → to his expression, you can observe too.
How much of your thoughts and feelings about them are shaped by media like #FoxNews and  by the #VeilOfYourSoul?

I agree with seth. I have known quite a few “occupy” people and groups. Run into them a lot out here on the leading (bleeding) edge. And though they almost never actually get what they want because the whole idea of “occupy” causes one to think more about what one doesn’t want than what one does want, the people are generally very heartfelt and authentic and fun and I have not witnessed any mob mentality but rather responsible concern.

Like seth says, you must be reviewing the media #spin on this subject, not getting out in the trenches among these “occupiers” yourself.


#Whatever M$M like #cnn et al. & the #twits & #twitterverse don’t really think for themselves.  Otherwise heed:

Whatever back. mark is never wrong … even though 90% or more of what mark knows comes from the very media and twits he thumbs down, instead of him getting out in the trenches and finding things out for himself.

Try the “_?_ Lives Matter” crowds, eh laughing

#NateHole is back again! #Barf

Hey, you are the one barfing back up the shit being fed to us by the media. Don’t put it on me. Own it.


the #twits & #twitterverse don’t really think for themselves.


… well some do and some don’t.  

i think the trick to this lies in the direction of “Taking control of our media” … in other words #SelectiveSpending for our own #attention.   Currently our culture is pushing something entirely different.  

This morning, provoked by you, i went to look for a  #SelectiveSpending meme on Google Images.  Guess what i ran into instead … memes (or thoughts same thing) as far as the eye could see about how best to advertise and market … think about that, it is quite the opposite direction.

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Yep so that explains that YOU still do NOT understanding selective spending. The latter as distinguished from advertising or an anti-advertising (boycotts) is an individual choice like a vote for the way a company does business.  It is more organic & less hypnotic. Just because something produces a lot of business does not mean it is good. Some people predict that the Earth will be populated by cockroaches because they are most prolific.