Taking control of our media

Currently, they present a wealth of information, most of which we are not even aware that we are consuming. We simply enjoy reading or watching it without thinking too much about it. Within the media, however, are people such as advertisers who skillfully implant their ideas in our minds—such as that one company is better than another, or that without the newest gadget in the market our lives will not be worth calling a “life.” While these ideas are false, they sink into our minds and trouble our thoughts until we ease our minds by buying the advertised item.

Now, consider what would happen t if our minds were implanted with the idea that we are all interconnected, and that hurting others is just like hurting yourself. What would it be like if the world followed the motto— “If you’re not good, you’re no good”?

connected society


Memes & slogans are all part of the #RWG & a question usually arises who is judging them – good or bad – #WhoKnows – #WhoCares .  Use the notion of #SelectiveSpending in both media consumption, product consumption & clebrity consumption & political consumption & #OccupyYourOwnBrain .
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! - M.R.

How are “memes & slogans part of #RWG” ?   I do not get that at all.  

Seems to me that #meme’s are expressions of people … perhaps their thoughts … circulating around for others to pick up upon, or not.   We each judge them when we hear and absorb them and accept or reject them just as we do.  

#SelectiveSpending and selecting where we put our attention is certainly a great maxim expressed here as a meme. 

The thing is that our meda is currently controlling much more of that attention for many of us than is healthy.  We need to individually take back the control of our attention and stop deligating that to other random forces.  ← my opinion of course … and also i believe that of the group which wrote the article.

I’ve yet run into a benign meme that did not have a purpose pro or con on something: hence #RWG.  Maybe show me one.  Even those on the FB  have an edge poking fun at new-agey slogans & gurus.  Of course if you want to to obtain a #MungePile of expression & call it all good then #WhoCares ?  This is of course my expression.null  My #SelectiveSpending #HashTurd is not a meme it is more like a principle – more like a refinement of the idea of a #boycott .

News Feed FYI: Addressing Hoaxes and Fake News

maybe sounds like some of the aspirations of group unhackthebrain starting to be manifested null



How in God’s name mark can you say that if something “did not have a purpose pro or con on something: hence [it is] #RWG”?

Pro and con are just vectors. Yin and Yang. Positive and negative. North pole, south pole. Pro and con is an aspect of the natural world, the balance of contrast which makes experience visible. Being right, or wrong, is purely a human invention, and intervention.

The beginning of the age of boringism?

Thought we were entering the Age of Aquarius, the age of truth, not the age of finger pointing and witch hunts. Aren’t we done with that? Focus on your excitement … it cannot lead you wrong, no matter what is leading and who’s truth it is.  

Note to the Humorless the above was from Contrived Platitudes – like the Onion only for people who like to pretend they are enlightened. nullsmug

I get the rest. Doesn’t change what you said.