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Mark de LA says ...
I wonder why you two continue to have the same conversation no matter what thought you are attaching it to null … pull my finger → 


Yes, I agree. It was wondering exactly that which prompted me to look deeper into it and see the evidence trail indicating seth moving in a circle (like he is always turning left) upon the same limitation approaching stimulus. It is preventing forward movement on common desires and goals. 

And this is not upon me. You are the one saying “no” to things seth. I am saying yes to everything, including the ideas you propose, including your #LOA #swim. When we are not swimming, it is you saying “no” to some possible path we can travel. I will travel any path as long as I can follow the “yesses” as they come up upon the way, and I don’t have to say “no” to some “yes” because you do another “left turn” when it naturally comes along.

There is literally not a reason to say “no” to things in life. One is assured by #LOA itself that everything, without exception, one encounters in one’s experience is there for a reason, is “attracted”. “No’s” are not necessary. All that is necessary is to choose the most desired (the most exciting) “yes”. Turn to the “yes” … it is always there … “no’s” don’t need to be evaluated, let them be dishes you pass on by as you travel along the buffet.

The only way one can encounter a “no” is to say no, and thus attract “no’s” to say no to. If one is not saying “no”, there will only be “yeses” to choose from. This is the very nature of experience at the most fundamental level.

In Zen, one say’s “Is that so?” to all things, and then chooses. No is not a Zen concept any more than it is an #LOA concept, or a Tao concept etc. It is a classic industrial civilization concept … saying “no” creates a platform upon which one can enter a struggle with others. That is the only purpose for “no”, because anything one may want is always available, in any moment, to say “yes” to instead … and if it is there, it is what one brought there. So easy this wonderful reality is when one let’s it be!   

Perhaps you folks need to go on a vacation! Eh?

Perhaps because: null

mark may be a closet guru. Stranger things have happened! 

I think other ways about you.  I want you to think other ways about me.