ThanksGiving 2016

Here is a value study of this Foster Frams pre brined seasoned turkey

Our California raised turkey is always fresh & 100% natural*, never frozen, and free of added hormones† and steroids.

as advertised by foster farms

We got the following dinners out of this turkey.
Price of turkey 13 lb turkey $28.00
3 days of trukey dinners for 2 people 6 servings
2 days of trukey sandwitches for 2 people 4 servings
2 days of Turkey Cream Soup  for 2 people 4 servings
1 day of Turkey Cream Soup  for 2 people in freezer bag 2 servings
1 day of turkey burritos for 2 people 2 servings
total servings 18 servings
Price per serving $1.56


The instructions for this prebrined and seasoned turkey was to put it on a oven rack with water in the pan and tent with renolds wrap and bake at 350 for about 3 ½ hours … which is what i did.  

There turkey in all the meals was tender, jucy, and tasty null

I could have gotten a regular frozen turkey for under .50 per pound and defrosted and brined and seasoned it myself.  Then the price per serving would have been about 40₵.   But i am happy with this turkey null


I’ll bet it wasn’t organic fed nor free of other chemicals not native to a bird.

Yes my bet too.  Foster Farms is a very big organization, i rather doubt that they grew this turkey 100% organically on a free range. 

Last year i investigated reserving a real organic free range Turkey form Whisteling Train farm.  it is down in Kent by the river.  The price would have been somwhere around   $40 – 50 and required a commitment months in advance.  These real trukeys are not easy to actually catch.   I am not saying that it would not have been fun … maybe next year.  Subjectively i would have been able to taste the life of the bird as i ate her … but Denise would not.  It would also have been much more work.

I broke up the meat yesterday and boiled the carcass for the soup.  That was fun … getting as much meat as i could … lots of meat … more than i had expected.

PS.  so much that i decided to add a day of turkey burritos.

How was your turkey?

Ok – I’m not a turkey fan.  I like the dressing more & all the other trimmings.