I think i can smell this ...

I am betting that →  this  ← is a fake news article.  

Even though memorandum went for it

illustration credit, thank youzerohedge.com.

The smell of a news story is a insticnt that i have learned by reading news stories and watching how they get debunked.   I credit my nose.  I notice these things before others do.  Memorandum should hire me null

The smell gets to me almost instantly … it is a #instinct  … not based upon fact.  It is based upon my ability to notice #firsts.  It is an early signal … and obviously can be wrong.   If i researched it before i got the smell, i would not call it a smell, i would call it a conclusion.  


Folllow the so called newscaster’s name,  google Dmitri Kiselyov,  to this analysis

Of course a smell can come from many sources. 

Does #propoganda itself smell all that different from #FakeNews ?   Is it useful to tease those two different #qualia apart?

Read a story about that once. It is called a “rell” … as in “I rell a vatch”.

well, the “it” to which i guess you refer,  relates to how thinking is connected to doing in the world.  which is certainly relivant to me.  but to be honest with you, i don’t understand your comment … i don’t know that code.

“i don’t know that code” ~ circa seth

That’s okay, you do now.  

i still do not know what your comment meant to you.  sorry, i can not decoce it.

Finally the fake news meme has gone viral – ‘bout time!
Image result for Fake News meme … → 

Well of course. It would never matter what it meant to me anyway. It would matter ← generate material, according to what it means to you. And now, you have it … avoiding it doesn’t change having it authentically.

well that may be the way you interpert …. it is not the way i interperte.  

i like my way better. 

discovering what something means to it’s author is #listening and understanding.   doing otherwise is being   #SelfIsolated  and #insensitive to the world in which i #swim .  

Nope. Discovering what it authentically means to you is doing the author the greatest service possible. Take art for instance (because it is easier to see). If everyone tried to see what the art meant to the artist, the artist would probably throw up hands and quit. The artist creates art (and trust me, I #swim among a crowd of authentic artists who do tell) to find out what it becomes in the eyes of the beholder, not to find out what the artist thinks it is.

Stay in your own business … it will inspire and enthrall all others when you do so.   

#btw …. before i read your comment, i just want you to know that everytime sombody prefixes their comment with “Nope”  i #PML … i get a true belly laugh.  I mean what did they expect.  I write my truth, and then sombody who thinks they know me but obviously does not, says “nope” to that which i wrote which they must expect #RingsTrue to me.   Honestly, do you get the joke yourself?

Nope. But I am honestly happy I made you laugh.   

#humm … honestly you don’t get that joke?  Now that does tell me something about you. 

#btw … it is a laugh … a pecular kind of laugh … has not the best type of qualia that i know.

anyway we digress … now i got to go back are read your comment sans the #tilt that prefixed it.

#IDK … I could probably get it if I delved to that land. Flying elsewhere  

In any case. A “rell” is the sense you are using. Being twirked around by the word “nope”, even when it makes you laugh, is your drama. And, you will honor both others, and yourself, better by staying in your own business and asking “what does this mean to me” instead of “what does this mean to ____ “.

Those are the things which obtain here in this thought.  

part of what you say in comment “I think i can smell this ... (comment 66864)”  is true over here as well.   especially,  “Discovering what it authentically means to you is doing the author the greatest service possible”.   but that is not the only thing that is happening.  that is maybe half of what is happening.  I can walk and chew gum.

something that sounds like a screch to me, but sounds like a catedral bell to you, is not the best thing to transmit to me if your intention is for cathedral bells to ring in my soul.

… only when I want to participate in your drama. Which is a valid choice, but not authentic and rarely synergy.

Synergy begins to happen when people remain authentically in their own business and continues to grow as the multi-verse and #LOA continue to sync up individuals. Getting out of ones business and out there trying to figure out what others are experiencing generates wobble in the synergy, which eventually will derail it completely. You and Mark are a perfect example. If you would both stop trying to figure out what things mean to the other, and simply focus on what something means to you, including the impression upon you of the other, then you guys would come into perfect synergy … instead of the cacophony of drama you have.

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