Improving Speak To Me Catalog's status on Amazon

private email form one of our vendors

Hello.  I noticed you guys have 87% overall positive feedback lifetime
right now because of some negative comments about orders.  But a lot
of those are an Amazon violation that can be removed automatially from
your seller account.  The violation is that they are putting a product
review under the feedback section.  Once you submit the order ID
Amazon will automatically remove it within seconds.

All you need to do is click Help, then select Contact Us, click
Selling On Amazon, then Customers and Orders, then enter the Order ID
of the negative feedback, click Next, then select Customer Feedback
Removal Request, then click Next.  Then finally Click Next again for
it to be reviewed for Removal.

-- Prior to the above make sure you click on Customer Feedback, then
copy the Order ID so that you can paste it in the Order ID field.

I would suggest doing this for all the Negative feedback that you have
recevied.  This way it’s a possiblity they get removed and boost your
overall lifetime positive feedback rating.  Not sure if you were aware
of this or not.   If it is eligible it will automatially remove it
once you click next to review during the process.


thanks Shawn null