Titles Should be Accurate

Work in progress … Thinking out loud here …

Every URL has a name, called <title>, which is visable internally and externally to the domain,  and describes as the substance at that URL as precisely as possible, in as many contexts as possible, and as terse as possible.

i propose the following titles for the various URLs in thinking domains …

where <MajorDomainName> would be the domain name, or subdomain name,  exclusive of the TLD and any subdomain like www.   


note the example of how sparkpost constructs their titles … Requirements for emailing

see “[thought 23835]” for a case here #titles are #NotWorking

Here is another example of #titles #NotWorking

The name of this domain is “fastblogit” 
not “thinking live”

The title of this url should be “test – fastblogit”
but possibly it should be “Test Sandbox – fastblogit”
That is the kind of thing that we should be discussing. 

Fuck you!

If you don’t like “thinking live” which is the default domain setting, then simply change it!!!!!!

Stop crusading!

well that worked null … #kudos → nathan null

Yes. Titles work quite well here, thank you.

well that worked null

But #SeriTD  still does not recognize that thought 23837 is about “Vidar

That is not an apple.

null yes it is not an #NotApple

So stop talking about it as if it is one. You can’t get an orange when you are attracting an apple. Tell the story you want to experience, mainly to yourself … I am only a mirror for you to check your self story by looking in to see what you are telling.

Conversation forked to thought 23838

sure it can be looked at as a separate issue null … i don’t know what was achieved by making a big deal about it being separate.

Bots are not titles. Titles are not bots. Titles here work great!

the bots from the other website are designed to get the <title>.
which is why the http protocol tells designers to put it in the <title> element.

what you are running here is just confusion, afaict.