DMT - and the reality drug

Good watch. Helps one understand #LOA and the actual nature of reality.

Ayahuasca is the only so called “hallucinogenic” I have ever done. My experience was under the care of a well seasoned Shaman. Although I did not have an experience I would call hallucinogenic, rather everything I normally imagined simply became more vivid and instantly available to my mind. There was no substantial difference between normal imagination and normal body awareness under the influence other than the enhancement of timing and detail across all sensory channels. There are other times in my life I have had nearly the same experience without the chemical. My journey was in 2013.

DMT has been called “the reality drug” because it gives you a window on the nature of reality itself. I will fill in more detail for those who watch this first.


Well i have not experienced anything that would match a dictionary definition of a “halluciation” under mind  altering substances.  Like you descibe, just more vivid.   … more personal … all me.   I could somewhat control the images i created on my screen of vision.   My experiences  included morning glory seeds, LSD, and even nutmeg.   The stronger the does, the stronger the experience.   I would certainly try #Ayahuasca given an appropriate oppurtunity.  

#btw, the altered state is more like a #VividDream to me, than a vivid awakening … that is the story that i tell of it.  Obviously I wake up from dreams and became #conscious, not the other way around,  else you guys out there would be telling quite a different story about me. 

A dream seems real while it is happening. #nbd – lots of substances  & even hypnosis can cause dreams null

Occasionally while in the altered state of a vivid  dream I can realize something outside of the context of that dream … for example the one i described in “A recognition ...”.   Those altered states are more gripping … more involving.  It is not suprising that people tell a story that they are more real.  i think the edge to realize is that they are more personal as evidenced by everybody telling  a different story of their experience.

XOR the brilliance of consciousness varies with context. #nbd null

well i have no doubt that a “brillance [qualia] of #consciousness varies with context”  null
i can attest to the truth of that from my own experience.

But i can not figure out your “XOR” at all. 

XOR (I use often) is from the math symbol for “exclusive or”  – an exclusive alternative to yours – no munging needed.

Yes, I noticed. XOR is you way of telling others that they did something wrong, in your opinion.

NOPE! try harder.null (nathan)

The thing is, mark, what you said is in no way an exclusive alternative of what i said. 

Or said differently … what you said was true … what i said also is true.  Hence no XOR relationship between them.

#AlreadyAlwaysArguing declined, enjoy!

i do not see how you declined it null

I don’t have to try harder mark, what I said is authentic. I can expand. This is what you put when you feel your own authenticity threatened. Or, as you say yourself, “an exclusive alternative to yours – no munging needed” … which sets you apart and defends a point of view which is different. Often these points of view are not even yours, they are just ones you pull out of any available source “to be different”. There is never a real need to do that, for your opinion is always as valid as any other. The only time a person wants to set their opinion apart is when they feel vulnerable, when they feel inauthentic in their own skin.

seth – re: DMT - and the reality drug (comment 66827) #AlreadyAlwaysArguing was declined by declaration.  
Keep going though – I’ll get null  same for the miami contingent.

i listened to the entire video.   i was distracted by the graphics which had no relationship with my own #AlteredStates experiences … so i stopped watching  that part of the presentation.

Yes. The majority of the graphics were just filler material. However, before I knew that DMT was the active ingredient in Ayahuasca, the images at the very beginning looked so much like the ones I had while on Ayahuasca that I told Lucely “hey, that looks like what I saw” and then later it came out that this was the same stuff as Ayahuasca.  

could you pin point the particular ones ?  … if i remember correctly there were lots of images that started the video.   mark has also reproted experiencing what could be described by graphics.  my materials were mostly social and emotional … but then i did not isolate myself, i was always with others interacting … somtimes quite dramatically … which probably was not a good idea null

null Graphically my experiences were mosrly on the screen inside of my eyeballs.  Images of people’s faces appeared.  I noticed that i could choose the kind of people and faces … i was somwhat in control of that.  No different really than the images that appear to me in a vivid dream … yet somewhat more in my control. 

The very beginning, starting at .07. The city, and also as he describes, the deep geometric patterns. And for me, because I was well versed in #LOA at the time I had this experience, I realized that this was my creation, and an alternate verse, and I was able to play with imagery using the same thought techniques I use to quantum jump and visit alternate realities. This whole experience was a lot like a quantum jump to an alternate parallel reality … except that it was much more vivid and that it was entirely possible to follow the complete threads from my thoughts to the final elements of the reality experience. In fact, this Ayahuasca experience is one of the major milestones in which I learned how to perceive that connection as a thing, so that I can now easily see the beginning of a manifestation as it happens in my thoughts, and the end of it as it plays back into my senses. Before my Ayahuasca journey, I knew that was how reality worked, but I could not perceive it as a thing, much like you say you don’t. Now, I perceive the whole thing as an object, from the thought, to the reflection, the whole circle including the time delay component.