The relationship between RingsTrue and Resonates

It seems to me that …

#RingsTrue is related to my qualia inside,  just as #resonates is related to the external #possibilities in which i #swim.




#qualia … how something feels to a person … is certainly part of our #consciousness.   We each notice the #qualia part of consciousness because it is in our experience.   That which happens outside of our experiene we are necessarily not aware.  Which does not mean that it does not exist. 

My inquiry:   In the #context of #consciousness Is the relationship of  #qualia to an individual person,  the same as the relationsip of  #resonance to a group of people ?

Okay. No cross-verse information on this subject yet.

the thing is i alway know when somethin i do resonates with a group of people.   the most obvious example is when i tell a joke and everybody bursts out laufing.   that is immediate … true laughfter is hard to fake.  that is just one example which if pressed i could document.   i am sure you all have experience the same thing.    it just tells me that #resonance is something tangible which exists outside of myself … yet something of which i can become aware. 

#hmmm … well on that note, you simply seem to be venturing into the well known realm of #LOA coherence. I rather thought you had something else here at first.

doesn’t matter what it is called … i rather suspected that #LOA had a term for it. 

new my new point, which i was able to represent for the first time this morning,  is that “#LOA coherence”, #resonance, is to the group, what qualia is to the individual … er, the eact same thing, just the scope being different.

I have never hard that specific relationship spoken of before,  have you?

No. I have not. Hence no cross information. The channel is silent.