it took america 200 years to abolish boredom. now that looks like a huge mistake. - vox

Hard to reproduce this exact context of my this thought … oh well … i am going with this one …

So this thought is actually about #AlanWatts’s  TheSpiritualLibrary on #youtube

The other evening i was telling Denise that i could control what showed on the big screen TV through my #OkGoogle.   So i said,  “Ok Google, show me you tube”,  and she did.  She started playing the first video on the youtube recommendations for me based upon my previous viewings.  I recognized it instantly as one of #AlanWatts talks. 

#AlanWatts was started talking about money and how not go for the money but rather just go for that which you wanted … which is why i alway am saying to Denise, “It is not about the money” … of course she always disagrees.   But then Watts went on to say that our culture has been all about creating confort and convenience and eliminating surprise … but that what we really want in life is the surprise and not the control.   That is soo true for me.  Others, however, want to be in complete control … that is there thing … and what their philosophy entails for them.   Which for me goes to support my,  “There are millions of stories in the naked city”.

Anyway i can’t find that particular video … it just coincidentally happened to get showed to me.

null Surprising how that happens null


One useful thing … “You are where your attention is,”