Letter of Invitation To ...

Cover why Real Groups of People need to have an interaction, memory, forum

the power of writing.

Cover how to join … easy use of FB join

Cover mouse overs and where to get the learn how to use

give my phone for immediate support & also chat help

Well this ended up being post poned … my email response to the group below
to Scott, ira, Lara, knairn, Diane
WOW, Scott ... i want a quart :) :)
Next week at 6:30, Luther’s table is fine with me.
Maybe by then we will have more progress made anyway.  
I talked to Lena Pogosov about the producers CoOp and she said she could provide some produce next year.  
It looks like Scott and I may well build that more practical apple press which Laura Sweeney is using.  I need to talk to her about the plans.
Thinking Domains is working feverishly on the next version for our CoOp Forum.  The old version is still at http://td.rentonfoodcoop.com/
See you all next week.

the #toothlessfoodie
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cc nathan