Baby Babble 1

twards the end of the babble i got a tingel over my body.  i had not expected that.  is there an edge here i have yet to recognize?   maybe i need to go deeper and longer and forget about whether i am entertaining the audience, i am sure that is not part of a babie’s experience.

If i do this again, i want to intorduce it more thoroughly.   Below in the comments are some thing that i might draw from.


There is one story i want to tell about babbling.  It is a true story in that it really happened, but it happened quite some time ago, so i recount it here making it up fresh.

In #p2 there were pay phones near the doors on the second and third floors.  This was before most the walls went up in Project Two.  It was a wierd enviornment for a stanger to encounter, understand and navigate within.   I guess that’s why we called it “Developing Enviorments”.  It was quite experimental.   Understandably, we did not want strangers wandering around in our personal spaces without walls not knowing where they were or to meet up for which they came. 

Consequently there was a cnsciousness that people would be greeted on the floor they landed by the pay phone, by one of us,  and from there they would be informed where they were and directed to where to go just according to their intentions.    So this one eveneing i was present in that capacity to greet somone comming on to the 2nd floor.   By any conventional standards i was quite out of my goard that evening when i encounterd an asain gentelman who apparently could not speak fluent English.  

He was jabbering somthing quite histerically.  He was agitated.  A dear friend of mine joined the conversation.  This friend, let’s call him Kem,  had an Buddahist attitude twards life … we had talked several times to each other directly and informatively about very deep things.  He actually helped me anchor and navigate my crazy self within our Developing Evniornment.

So i started babbeling.  Picking up sounds of the stanger and responding to them but without using any known English or Chinese words.  This went on for a short span of time … perhaps 3 or 4 minutes.  Suddently the situation with the stanger resolved … he got what he wanted and was helped on his way.   Kim and i both went #wow … what just happened there?