Thursday at Luther's Table

Open Mic …

i performed “Baby Babble 1”.  

lots of other  music happened … i suspect it is podcasted by others … but i do not know where. 

This happens every Thursday at 7  … signup at 6:30.  

Notable sound byte …
Nobody can bring me down !

nulland the drama of the evening …
an amplified distractionin response to art which offended #LuthersTable

What would  #OpenMic at Luther’s Table would be like if people there just loved to mirror each others #Egoo ?




Me, i am saying that if people were excited about reflecting each other’s horshit at Luther’s Table, then i would not want to ever go there again.  Luckly that is not the case.

however, i can not figure out what you are saying.

Did you listen to an amplified distraction that prompted my observation?

incidentally i got the wrong clip on in response to art which offended .   that was not the one which provoked the response.  

#btw i did not record the entire track … i hit stop shortly after the really raw vibration because i was not personally interested in resonating with it.   little did i know that it was going to provoke drama. 

The master of cermonies had warned before the open mic started to avoid that kind of material.  Maybe this rapper did not get that message … i think he came in late.

ok i think i fixed it.