How some Losers play the RWG

How do you know they are loosers? Isn’t that based upon assumptions built upon assumptions? Maybe they are way more in-tune with more conscious lives than your own.

.. maybe HATE is your thingy #WhoKnows ? ← I did not write that … someone else put words on my thought.


Mote & beam in Wikipedia  – suffices for some

Oh, wad some Power the giftie gie us,
To see ourselves as others see us!  (Robert Burns, poet)

What you seem to be saying is that you know they are losers is because you are a looser? i.e. you are matching the mote in theirs with the beam in your own?

Or that is your judgment !  – works both ways as the parable is comprehended! 

In all of this, I am asking why you think others are losers. The only content about that you have provided is that they are losers because you are a looser. Knowing you, it seems unlikely that is how you actually know they are losers, so I am still waiting for your authentic answer.

#SSDD wiping clean, #done!

Well fact is that many American citizens do not like #Trump and what it sure looks like he is doing.  I know some of these citizens, even ones who were demonstrating in Portland.   I am more, let’s accept this new world and see what happens … but others feel this is an intoleralbe situation.   I predict this political turbulence will continue and may get worse.

Yep – there were the same or similar amounts of people who did not like Obama when it became clear what he was trying to do.  Hate doesn’t work well except to destroy the hater.  Wait or even cooperate & see.nullthumbs up

That is a very low vibration perspective. Just saying. According to your words, you are not placing yourself according to an enlightened gaining of information, well focused and of inspired thought, but only from what others say. What they say could be anything, and in a situation like this is more likely to be emotionally crowd driven, and habit, and gossip, than what each of those people would say after several moments of meditation or other enlightened tuning in.

Your judgement of what i said seems misinformed or maybe you did not understand what i said and just made somethig up.  I judge it to be quite  irrelivant to the true words that i spoke.

Well, we shall see won’t we. Mark this thought and come back to it next year and notice what those people are saying about their feelings. I say what they will be saying then will have little to do with what they are saying now in this forum, but will be close to what they would be saying if they tuned in in an enlightened way right now and spoke from that place now.

… and that once you see how this goes, then you will realize that you should not be listening to what people say about their feelings except when they are already in a state of higher vibration right now.

Abraham says this too #btw, not that that will sway your thinking today, but the knowledge of it will eventually work into your trains of thought as you continue to understand this subject.

Well certainly what happens will change how people feel.   Most people’s feeling are quite fickel.  I know mine are.   Beyond that what are you saying?

I am saying that your statement

others feel this is an intoleralbe situation.   I predict this political turbulence will continue and may get worse

is from a low state of vibration and is thus not an accurate statement about the current situation … even though you personally distance yourself, it is not useful to form a perspective about others from this place that you are looking from.

Well it is an accurate description of the perspective that i have.   I even spoke it to the lady who was quite passonatonate about going to the demonstraction.  I used words to the effect,  “We have fallen off a cliff into a #PostFact political world,  let us see what happens.  Me i am not going to be screaming bloody murder on the way to hitting the ground”.   She told me she couldnt take that attitude.  

As to what is “useful” for what you want,  that is your business, and really quite irrelivant to the true story that i am telling.  

That is true. If you want to gossip or sate your feelings, then the perspective you are using would be useful. If you want to understand what is happening now, and what will happen next, then this perspective is not useful. It won’t obtain. Listening to what others are saying about their feelings in this way will not obtain, for you, or them.

This is the power of the electronic mob, fake news, M$M collusion & what Obama was inspired by of the Alinsky rules for radicals going bezerk after losing the election; trying to reverse it. Coward-Piven is also part of their tactics.  Same shit worked in Syria & Iran albeit the uniting principle was a religion.  Here the uniting principle is socialism-communism. XOR as I put it so often “Bread and Circuses” as far as the eye can see. (other people’s money #OPM ) null
 & #RobingHoodies

Some of that is in the ball park mark, and some of it is way off base. It looks like you have some grasp of the direction modern politics is trending in, but little grasp of the underlying factors that cause something to obtain in current politics.

Yeah! nathan – your self-authority is still locked into the past with Abraham.  Haven’t invented anything new on your own recently, eh? At Ieast I am basing mine on observation of many, many years. 
Enjoy the wind. 

My perspective is based on a solid understand of the underlying mechanisms applied to current politics as they are unfolding mark. Politics cannot be understood from a historical perspective as you suggest, unless you are trying to understand politics that happened then. The nature of politics is that it is constantly in motion, a presentation of the understandings and consciousness of the times. So if your modeling is based on many many years of observation, then it has many many flaws when applied to politics today.

Well yes this new kind of politics that is happening is quite different than what happen when Obama got elected.   It is more similar to what was happening in the 30’s in Germany.  But of course it is different from even that.

Emotions are fickel and not an absolute predictor of what will happen.  Yet in politics they should not be ignored.  At a grass roots level  “gossip” is part of what creates emotions.  I spoke my peice authentically to contribute to the emotion of the time at an appropriate setting where it was heard.  I doubt it changed her feelings … but who knows, it may well have at least informed them.   I’ll ask her the next time we meet.

Santayana is often quoted as saying those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the mistakes.  
As GW & RS & others have often exposed: evolution happens in cycles each cycle adds something new in it while recapitulating the old . XOR a plant grows & flourishes & drops its seeds again and again each cycle showing something different as the external forces mutate as well. 
XOR (via RS) Merlin & King Arthur were spreading throughout Europe and abroad the senses of nature & the elements beyond just the supersensible & the mythical superstition-based consciousnesses.

If you notice the furnishings of Trump Tower you might be reminded of King Midas.  It might be his Achilles Heelnull

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yep, they don’t work in comments.  

RS’s stories had not been informed by the events of the late 20th and early 21’st century.  I think we are quite off of his tracks. 

Every generation tends to think they are the new, economy extra special difference from their parents generations. I am least impressed.  New gadgets, cell-phones & instant digitized pics, movies & the Internet, but the dumbing-down of education makes the children susceptible to the hypnotic brainwashing of the deacons of school systems anti-religious left so they can’t think on their own and are into ego games & anti-authority paths in lives.  When they grow older other factors take place like the desire for more security. Others take up nomadic behavior trying to replace what they missed in their childhood etc. 

Ecclesiastes 1:9New International Version (NIV)

9 What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.

null One surprising fact is that all of the stastical predictions before election night indicated that the stock market would crash if #Trump got elected.  Yet as Tuesday night progressed the emotions of stock investors changed.  The market has actually gone  dramatically in the opposite direction. 

Yep the prognosticators got punked! null

So it has been written,  and so shall it happen,  eh mark null

Fact is that things do go in cycles … and fact is that each new cycle is informed by the past one … and fact is that each new cycle has things in it that were not present before.   

So, mark, there are new things under the sun … scripture notwistanding.

Metamorphosis NOT sudden appearances in complete isolation dear bro.

i heard a discussion by some of those very “prognosticators” on NPR.  It was very interesting.  If you want to hear it, let me know and i will look up the podcast.  The statisticians claimed that their stastical analysis were unbiased and accurate and flawless … and they stood behind them 100% as to what they were.  

Their own analysis is that something changed null

Obviously a stastical analysis of the past can not predict something that actually changes on a level above the details that went into the prediction. 

the suddenness of appearances is relative to the observer.   I do not think you actually said anything to your dear bro.

It is hard for Obamaphiles & the HRC “3rd term” to acknowledge that the people wanted something else →  the entrenched swamp was full up & the people didn’t want to drink any more. No statistic is going to show that because most of the M$M was in on all that.  People wanted optimism. The left can’t have that unless they dole it out from on high.  They need a set of dependent classes that they can divide & conquer & pander to. Anything was better than continuing with that for those who were conscious. 
Free yourself & get rid of beliefs ! - M.R.

Well, dear bro, whatever you want to munge into it – metamorphosis belies mutation by other means – wars, famines, floods, terrorism ….. 

Yeah, pretty much, … that is one story of what happened that hangs together pretty well null.  

Watching what is happening now, it seems to me that we have swapped the swamp that we have become accustomed, for an even deeper one for which we know not its bottom.  One which is being touted to us by a person who’s greed for gold knows no bounds.  Which is something that i thought before the election and why i voted the way i did. 

Let’s come back here in a year of two, and see how we feel.

Mutation is change.  Metamorphous is a lot of changes over time.  Every new thing that happens counts … each one building on what came before.  i  still do not get what you are saying so personally pointedly. 

Pretty hard to deal with blame here – the #RWG here is obvious – elsewhere it is just hard to cut loose the invested interests of the past. Few really appreciate change unless they are bored.  I am inspired by someone taking charge rather than taking polls & leading from behind. 

Well i also was “inspired by someone taking charge” … i just don’t partucularly like where he is leading. 

I can not believe anyting he says.  #Trump does not speak for me.  I like it when i can feel that the leader of my country is speaking for me in the context of our nation as a whole.  I felt that way most of the time Obama.  I can not feel that way about what trump says. 

i do not look to the Federal government to lead my life … or like how others seem to feel that it does.   The power of greed … and/or the greed of power … is not a thingey that i respect and follow. 

But hey, in the context of our nation, we are going into Trump’s world.  That is a fact.  We will see what happens and how we will feel about it. 

Like I said I felt the same way about Obama & the results are now in – $9-trillion dollar debt increase, fake unemployment numbers etc. & Obamacare that doesn’t work worth a shit!

okay … different people feel differently … that is why they made the naked city to accomodate everybody. 

#huh more like that’s why we have elections instead of someone getting up & declaring himself king.

true, an election is how our “democracy” chooses a leader.   Once the leader is chosen, the democracy works best if people let him lead. 

But people, like yourself, fought Obama’s leading every step of the way.  I expect the same will happen again … maybe even more passionately.  

What has changed is who is in the leadership slot now … the Republican-Conservitive rather than the Democrat-Liberal … or mabye more accurate now we have a new player side, #Trump’s. 

Trump was both a democrat & a republican & an independent from New York, eh? (*)
Political party Republican (1987–99, 2009–11, 2012–present)
Other political

And after careful studying and consideration, it is not something in the plan. Widgets enhance presentation of an idea. If you have an idea, present it in a new thought. Comments are a continuation of an existing presentation.

And considering the rather extensive logistics required to do full scale widgets in comments … the above becomes the rule of law.  

What has been will be again,
    what has been done will be done again;
    there is nothing new under the sun.

Unequivocal bullshit. Anyone who thinks this even could be true lives in an isolated bubble of their own perception.

& some fail history! null

well it is already starting that some conservitive Republicans in the Congress will be working against #Trump.   See headlines below mostly came out in Sunday talk shows on all networks …

McCain, Graham, Schumer, Reed Joint Statement on Reports That Russia Interfered with the 2016 Election

Trump is his own party.

Well that sounds good. I have said for billions of years that parties are the stain on politics. Candidates should be their own parties.

p.s. I have not personally been Trump fan, only been reporting on aspects of what is happening in his sphere from a neutral platform … but it is becoming interesting how much of the Trump phenomena is proving to run parallel to my ideals as time moves along … his character not withstanding.

Well i too agree that parties are a blight on American politics.   They are nothing more than just gangs.  Even mark agreed with that at times, but then he almost always sides with his gang and so appears not to  see the thing objectively as  just the gang fight that it is. 

You folks still like to gossip about others instead of proposing your own solutions. Just another nugget of the #RWG/ 

Not true at all. I have proposed, advocated for continuously, and laid out many specific details, for my solution. Over and over for moths now. Just because you don’t see my solution as viable in your own mind is not the same thing as not proposing one. Get your facts straight!

The fact is that some people like to gather – some to a “synergy of individuals” & collective enterprises to achieve their goals; wishful thinking notwithstanding.  Others pretend they are God or Q & can do it all by themselves; “no man is an island” notwithstanding. Go for it Lucifer – ahriman is right behind you.

Where? What are they?

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In summary, we need to base our politics on each person doing what is most exciting. That will automatically generate a cohesive and cooperative environment where the greatest good will get done for the greatest many. I have broken that down and explained exactly why it will work in great detail all over this space.

wishful thinking is what the Democrats & Rhinos have been doing for the last 8 years – it never works without force. See the USSR & the Chicoms & Venezuela & Cuba …. the Norks …. The leaders of which are doing what is most exciting for themselves. 

Yes, well that is your opinion. It doesn’t justify you saying we don’t provide solutions. We do and I always give great detail and solutions for everything I bring to the table. It is you mark, that so often writes comments without any kind of back up solution, reason, or useful content … but is almost always simply insults and putdowns.

I get that you don’t put any value in my #LOA ideas … but your opinion does not invalidate my ideas or my continuous attempts to make them clear to you. At least I try to articulate authentically what I see, know, and believe.

Nothing practical in them. Prove, demonstrate instead of spreading your anecdotes that nobody can witness.  Your stuff is mostly a #PileOfWords & a #PileOfEgo null  

Dude, that is exactly what I would call the very few solutions you have ever articulated here. Just some dusty anecdotes written by some long dead people in other times that have no objective basis of practical application. I don’t write details until I try them myself. And I have been trying and applying these for quite a few years now so I know that they work. I also provide detailed descriptions of how you can apply them and see for yourself that they work. That you don’t is not my fault.

mark, #LOA works … it might not be the solution to everything … and there are other forces happening as well … but it is very practical to incorporate in a life. ← #opinion   Me i am tripping on it more every day. ← #fact 

Your dissing it to nathan is just a #RWG #Egoo game between you guys.  Maybe we can #AcceptAndMoveOn.

Forecast & publish something you/he claim is your excitement & then prove that it exists to a 3rd party somewhere else.  Otherwise, seth I suspect you have gone over to the dark side.  The integrity of I say what I do & do what I say is important! (at least to me) . Most of what the #LOA crowd does is #NLP- which may or not work depending upon the practioner & how effective his trances are. #LOA mumbo-jumbo is similar to AC’s without the foreign names, candles, incense, robes & so forth.

I agree. AC practiced #LOA. When you break down what he did, it matches #LOA very well … he simply wrapped it in a package that was acceptable to the crowd he was working with.

#LOA worked then, and works now. It simply works.  

#shucks i got to say this.   Excitment lies in the domain of human emotion.  Of its nature it is not something that one could ever possibly “prove that it exists to a 3rd party somewhere else”.  

There is no need to prove anything about excitement itself. The method is to learn to follow it. Just do it. What can be proved is that when people do it, it works … it works for politics, it works for love, it works for any common project or goal, it works for anything you can decide about. Decide according to what is most exciting to you. If you do it, you will see that it works for you. If you get in a group of people doing it, you will see that it works very well, magically even, to coordinate the group, no matter how large the group becomes. It is very simple, and it works.

Yep, anticipated!, Bullshit also works the same way you describe #LOA – null

If all you folks want is to feel emotions the physical world is not needed – go off into the 8th sphere where Lucifer & his comrades can supply the mental orgasms you want – even the feelings & qualia that YOU caused them. Lots of Luck! (or probably not needed – maybe just your soul).

Emotions are there for a reason. They are a sense. They tell you about your thoughts. They tell you if your thoughts are in alignment with the physical experience you are wanting, or out of alignment with it, and even what the exact direction, quality, and quantity of alignment is.

Without emotions, physical living would be a lot like ants … a utilitarian binary like experience. Now that’s Airman.  

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