Eggs Florentine

The #toothlessfoody’s version …
… I followed the #HollandaiseSauce recipe but it ended up too lemoney by far.   Denise didn’t like it only because she only likes scrambled eggs and does not know the whole #thingey of letting the egg yolk run over the dish.  It was a fun dish to cook … but i need to do it a couple of times to get it cherry.
Wild Wheat Bakery’s version ...


Probably one of the few, perhaps the only, spot to get Eggs Florentine in Western Washington is here in the old historic distinct of Kent very near where the Sounder goes by.
here is the money shot …

#shucks i want to make it again … but cannot share the experience … denise does not get the egg breaking and seeping over the dish.  oh well … maybe in a different universe … untill then we will just need to make due with breakfast at the Wild Wheat once in a while.


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