represents an attitude
that goes well with others #pellic.
Taste it yourself
you may like the feel in your mouth.
It has the sweet aroma of #IDoNotKnow
will less of bitterness of  #IDoNotCare.


#pellic, as far as i can remember, was a word we youths made up back on Walgove or even University avenue.  it came from the sentence …

Eat some more #pellic, you’ll feel better

...which i forget who said first … but i think it was mark, but it may well have been Ggregory … or it may have come from a joke … now long forgotten.

Pellic or pellik or pellick was a word the comic Jonathan Winters used in one of his original FM broadcasts which GW recorded.  Have never found any residue relating to it.  As I recall it was the name of a native dish of some indigenous tribe somewhere which may have tasted insipid or disgusting to outsiders.  Winters poked fun of it whatever it was.  Similar to what people who are not Scottish might think about haggis .  One might think of it like curdled human milk mixed with the semen of a goat. null

your memory is great ! … #thanks → mark

Interesting to note that i coincidentally selected the perfect word … not even remembering its exact source.