if you don’t define yourself, others will define you.  

if you are not expressing yourself, you are expressing others. 


#hmmm does that #RingTrue ?  #WhoKnows

Perhaps we should undertake #Vidar as well : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V%C3%AD%C3%B0arr 

… and yes, I agree. Today mark is all in a tizzy about war … and yet, this picture is exactly what it feels like to be facing him. He has no clue of how he feels to others. Today, he is coming off as someone who wants to war with everyone. There is no escaping that feeling having any contact with him at all.

You #MakeShitUp nathan – I am not in a tizzy about war – You & your phony positiveness & perhaps failed NLP miss the distinction between war and game or fun. #phooey 

maybe so, #magor, but you are not #PlayNaked with us null

Hey, I don’t care if you are in a tizzy or not. The point is how you are making it feel being in contact with you. That’s how you are coming off out here. And quite frankly, it sucks!

 #ILikeAFreshBowl null

instead of #aug’ing so very much

#ILikeAFreshBowl – this one keeps bubbling up by N – #tsk-tsk

I keep flushing it & nathan keeps it in the news – 

magor or magur: fear, terror
Original Word: ΧžΦΈΧ’Χ•ΦΉΧ¨
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: magor or magur
Phonetic Spelling: (maw-gore’)
Short Definition: terror


Conversation forked to thought 23729

Shit produced by or short for d’A = d’ASSHOLE !

Conversation forked to thought 23730

Hey mark, why don’t you define #magor in group glossary,  then it will override my picture here.  Portray yourself just as you will … i have no agenda to define your name.

My mung is my own business not up to ridicule or other’s opinions or comments.  Get what you may from group magor or not which may be a foil.  One might say it is between me & GW & my jurn . Others should do as they wish. null

your choice of course. 

but you do have an outside … and that is connected to others who tug on your name. 

me, i rarely use #Vidar , which #GW gave me … but i am not at odds with that image … Vidar was a pioneer in the ancient world … that is the extent to which i am connected to that name.

Hmmm … not exactly a god of peace https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V%C3%AD%C3%B0arr 

BTW, I don’t use that name much externally. Probably should delete or change the name of that group to Early Markings.

yep, so what?  not all qualities of one named are connected to one similarly named. 

i told you the only aspect of #Vidar to wich i am personally connected. 
tug on any other connections, which you may find,  and the strings simply will not pull me null

Well , nathan tugged on a name, not mine, of different etymology & started associating #Bullshit this AM to mine. 

can I change a group name without making a new one & exporting all the old stuff to it?

maybe he is just doing his #VooDoo on you.   i wouldn’t take it seriously.

Well then I guess the equation d’A = d’Asshole has the truth value “true”. null

Hey, I had no idea what Magor meant, I simply googled it and that is what came up … virtually the only thing at all associated to a definition and not just some named place.

I have no idea how you come up with “me associating Bullshit” to your name just because I googled it. And over in A Law of Attraction Event Story I took full ownership for the story of my own #LOA happening and even said it does not define you.

Seems your dick is all twisted up in your own rainbow panties and that has nothing to do with me.

#RainbowPaintiesInATwist ← d’A obsession.  Have had the name 62 years & before the Internet.  Whatever you find there will not match.  Give up!