Acknowledge the Ancient Hum

As we diverge from a chaotic, worldwide system that serves a privileged few, it can feel like suffering is inevitable. Beyond mass disorder, there is an ancient, impenetrable hum that connects every human. When acknowledged, it feels a lot like gratitude.

The next time you practice gratitude, remember that you are experiencing a powerful emotion. Perhaps you are a tad trendy, but when put into motion, your rising awareness just might tip the world into harmony.

Elisabeth Sowecke

I  can hear this “hum”.
It sounds like “The Call of the Wild
yet i am not a beast,
so human civilization itself calls
to make it amazing !!
-- Bozo Faust

newEvery religion has answers like,  “Who am I”, “Christ is my Savior”,  “God is Great”,  “Love”, “Its about you”,  “Follow your excitement”,  “Be happy”, etc.    Me, I have always asked … since i was a small child … “For what?” … now i can tell even you all, for what i live:   For the hum … i fucking love this vibration !!


Seth 2016-03-26 12:17:23 [item 20683#50358]
incidentally calling this a “hum” or a “vibration” is to reduce it to something that it is not … it is so much more than just a vibration … so this metaphor is a joke … nonetheless it can be used to point to something for which there is yet to be a common name.   
I used to be able to hear the “kokomo hum” in Colorado as could T.  It requires a keen focus & a quiet neighborhood. 

Seth 2016-03-26 11:28:39 [item 20683#50344]
it picked up the wrong image … but then i didn’t have  an image in the thought when i shared it.
nathan 2016-03-26 11:42:51 [item 20683#50348]
Yep. I try and put the fastblogit image in as the default. But if FB decides on it’s own that the image I am giving is not as good as some other image on the page for some size or other reason, it take’s what it will.

If you can create an image that fully meets the FB spec, it will prolly always get used as the default.
Seth 2016-03-26 12:09:03 [item 20683#50356]
Sure i can create an image for fastblogit to spec … any quick pointer to this particular one?

Is there not some markup we can put on the image we want to be the one FB picks?  If so, then couldn’t we automatically affix that markup on the first image in the body of the thought which was not a emotocon ?
nathan 2016-03-26 12:14:40 [item 20683#50357]
Yes. I do do that. But the current fastblogit image I put there is sometimes rejected because it is way out of their spec. It seems to be only accepted if it is the only image anywhere at all. Even an emoticon get’s taken first. Prolly because it is super wide.
Seth 2016-03-26 12:21:11 [item 20683#50360]
  ← i’m betting this one will do better.
nathan 2016-03-26 12:27:28 [item 20683#50362]
Probably. Because it is more square it will probably be taken over emoticons and such. But in their spec they want a much bigger image. I would have to go look for the spec over at the developer site just like you would … don’t have a ready pointer.

I’ll put this in when I get a chance and see how it goes.

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