When you gotta pee, you gotta pee



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Hmmm... somehow they look like beeds as in a necklass of pearls might have broke. OTOH, the picture is still interesting.

beads don't splatter like that when they hit the ground
Well piss doesn't come out in beads either.  The curiosity is that there is no puddle on the sidewalk.  How someone managed to take such a picture at high speed is amazing.

well water does fall in beads ... now sure of piss

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Hmmm.... & two streams at once. I seem to get only one stream out, myself!
Too bad she didn't hike her skirt a little higher.
did you ever try to pee out of a cunt?  even with a pecker sometimes i get 2 streams

Lena Dunham in toilet selfie (***)
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