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I hate lies like this

well to be just a bit honest about this ... it wasn't Obama who cut the deficit  ... mostly it was the republican controlled House of representatives.

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New Print Catalogs by Niche

Format:  2 (or 3) x 8.5 by 11 sheets

To be produced for different market niches:
  1. PT  - Practical Tools - assigned to db page numbers  1 - 8 ( 9 -12 reserved for 3 sheets)
  2. RG - 13 - 20 religious
  3. GN - Gifts & Novelties - assigned to db page number  21 - 28 (29 - 32 reserved for 3 sheets)
  4. EC - 33 - 39 Childrens Educational Toys
  5. 40 - overflow gifts and novelties and toys
  6. HL - Holidays - assigned to db page number 41 - 52 
  7. 53 - 56 unassigned 
  8. 57 - overflow TBD
  9. 58 - overflow TBD
  10. 59 - overflow TBD
  11. 60 - only on the web
  12. --- 61 - 69  open for nieches but may need to alter program
  13. 70 - front door banners
  14. --- 71 - 88  open for nieches but may need to alter program
  15. 89 - catalog introductions and policies
  16. --- 90 - 98  open for nieches but may need to alter program
  17. 99 dead products

Note that the procedure to generate these catalogs is already pretty much the same as in the old print catalog procedure and programming.   Yet the following programming and procedural changes should be made ...

Procedure to prepare a niech broshire for press

  1. Denise will compose the niche pages
  2. Generate the XML for InDesign from any page with the XML button on the top.
  3. Generate the checker local html page with the Gen Local button
  4. FTP these back to ... directory
  5. Copy past this link to check picture for apparently local hyperlinks do not work
    • file:///Users/sethrussell/Documents/
  6. file:////Users/sethrussell/Google%20Drive/print%20projects/niche%20PT%20201408/local_pictures.html
  7. Import file to InDesign template
    1. --
    2. --

previous start on this project indicates how we could select customers for a mailing

  • selecting customers who have purchased certain kinds of products
    • products are not classified in our legacy local database ... so we must transfer those classifications, "class", from our new product database in the cloud.  
    • ftp db/productClass.tam to c: tome
    • run codeselectivemail.prg
      • it transfers class from rawclass db built from to product table.  2 passess, one for major products, next for varieties

Inevitably we need to name each niche with a code, see 2 character bold code above, and assign each customer to up to 3 niches. 

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Another Point of View on the Ego
To fully comprehend paragraph 26:16 & the how to etc similar to [seth: item 17717] one needs to read a few more of the surrounding paragraphs (or perhaps the entire book) - Maybe wanting to know is also part of the context.

Not knowing is a bitch to be mastered !
- M.R. 2014

26:15 Even within the domain of self there is a vast array of possibilities. The one most of us are stuck within is a self that is personal, individual, highly conceptual, and sometimes false.  This is a very closed and limited system to maintain.  By nature, it is exclusive rather than inclusive.  But is this the only way to hold "self"?  No--a self could ber identified as almost anything.  Through programming and custom, we certainly identify with the cultural norm--the internal and separate ego, and the body within which this ego seems to reside.  This is only convention, however, and although it may be difficult shift to make, it is possible to "re-identify" what self is, or at least commit whatever self seems to be to something other than the cultural norm.

26:16 For example, instead of identifying self as an exclusive, individual body-mind, we could identify self as all of humanity, or as life itself, or even as Absolute Consciousness.  Such a shift from the individual to a larger context radically changes what we experience.  The petty struggles of the individual become insignificant and are replaced by a much broader struggle far outside one's exclusive mind.  Our actions become aligned to principles of an inclusive self-sense, without the pressure or demand that anything work out for us as individual.  When we consider a shift from the exclusive to the inclusive, very different principles become the foundation for our awareness, mind and actions.


26:20  Communication requires the inclusion of another person, and listening to truly get his or her experience as it is and for-itself, without reacting to it or turning it into something it's not. Communicating your experience to someone necessitates honesty presenting what you actually experience, without serving some other agenda of manipulation.   ...... etc

One thing I have been confident most of my life is that I know when & where certain beliefs I hold originated. Such is why I quote so as not to waste the words.

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Firefox Private Browsing Windows

Firefox makes this easy for us.   Try it and see what it does for fastblogit .  And of course if you don't want the NSA to know you were browsing Islamic web sites, maybe works for that too.

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The Hooded Cowards Butchers Chop (Gang)
Maybe quit giving being to the meme Islamic State & call them what they are:
The Hooded Cowards Butchers Gang.
It is time to summon you courage.  It is time to shed the moral equivalency & rhetorical equivocation & call a spade a space. Eventually every bully gets his comeuppance either on the schoolyard itself or in the style of El Topo (or some other way) . The fruits of a bully eventually drown his soul.

Maybe ponder shedding the idea of caliphate & empire for a World of free Humans. After all "We" of Earth seem to be fighting  each other for the right to claim our definitions, distinctions & moralities concerning the word God, in whatever language, is the only right one.

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The Metaworld VS Direct Experience

One of my favorite movies contains this scene describing the difference between knowledge of the metaworld of signs and language compared to direct experience.

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