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A study of google drive invites ...

The invite showed as follows in my email


The destination URL was coded as follows ...

When i access it it shows that i am in "view only" mode.  I have a Share button that yields the following dialogue ...

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The following is the translation of the ming paragraph headings in Open Door which represents a table of contents of the book by CFR. You can click on the numbers which will take you to the Ming Translator if you don't like my interpretation. Note in the book itself there are references to the Tai Shu which is a privately published set of documents where the material was originally developed & published to a limited circle of friends.
This book is the eighth of 18 in the projective geometry series  & was published on July 26, 1955.
The subject of this book seems to be higher order calculations, polygons, stars & higher degree curves.

? Link                           Subject in English
0 Introduction & decode of the name of this book TEK MEN = Open Door
1 Multiply Example
2 Subtract Example
3 Affine Calculate
4 Second degree equate
5 Equate solution another construction
6 ?
7 Third degree equality solve example
8 Equality example rule (John Bonnycastle ~ 1820)
9 Another example construct equal root (Colin Maclaurin & Dionysius Lardner)
10 Calculate design involution construct equal solution
11 Arithmetic work design calculate equal solve
12 Use WAW rule to make 17 sided form inside circle
13 Divine division corresponding circle into ten
14 Six sided form
15 Equalateral triangle inside circle
16 Construct 2 side form inside unit circle 
17 Five sided form inside unit circle
18 Equal Condition
19 Exponents
20 Exponent compare calculation
21 Degenerate 3rd degree equal solution makes sixteen sided form star 
22 Calculate Lambda coordinates
23 Example 3D root
24 Sine Rule
25 Distance Rule
26 Function Rule
27 Ming words and their verses (4) (the 10th addition)
28 Reform
29 Exponent curve
30 Calculate Fluxion
31 Construct mean
32 Fluxion corresponding two point unit circle
33 Equality Rule
34 Free point calculate design coordinates
35 ?
36 Imaginary cross condition
37 Fluxion Rule
38 Imaginary tangent rule
39 Three point fixed circle
40 Imaginary memorize

Click here to see large Cover Design for Open Door

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CFR Bibliography linked to Fastblogit
Biblio Short Name Long Name Link to Fastblogit
BC1 Book Chameleon first edition
BC2 Book Chameleon 2nd edition
BC-3D Barbara Cubed
TC Tropermic Calculus
GC Grammar of Changes
CA Combinational Arithmetic
MEC Manual Electro-Combinational Engineering
Abso Abso-Ming-Wen-Lutely Absey-Booke
BR Book of Radicals
RS Rime Store
RC Rough Cloth
SC Silver Cradle
DP Dragon Pearls
GR Gentle Rain
WR Wild Rice
JM Jade Mirror
HR Hill Road
SP Spring Palace
WC Water Chestnuts
OD Open Door
GT Gnaw Through
HB Horseback
MH Mud Hut
NW North Well
MV Millet Valley
CK Coper Kettle
PM Peppermint
BU Blooming Umbrella
PM Phoenix Marrow
LR Lantern Riddles
ZZ1 Znuz is Znees volume 1 2nd edition
ZZ2 Znuz is Znees volume 2 1st edition
ZZ3 Znuz is Znees volume 3 1st edition
ZZ4 Znuz is Znees volume 4 1st edition
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how did you embed the spread sheet here?
Copy & paste from one I uploaded from google drive. Could do it from Excel as well.
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seth 2015-03-05 03:50:02 [item 18162]
how did you embed the spread sheet here?
Copy & paste from one I uploaded from google drive. Could do it from Excel as well.

thanks for the invite .   It might even be useful to extend this, or perhaps a sub sheet, to his letters and documents which have been published.  Finding a persistent place for that media, and its indexes, might be a real concern.

Worth a Look
Some metaphor for government IMHO - read later


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yep, definitely need walls ... otherwise you end up with a real mess.

What is fascinating, in my ontology at least, & perhaps also the Anthroposophical Weltanshauung is that the borders in life may be imaginary. See lectures on the doubles in the 4 basic bodies (physical,etheric, astral & ego) - both Luciferic & Ahrimanic.
I had a wallaby this AM wherein the cause of death by serious disease like cancer or strokes is purposed so that the shock of disembodyment is softened from sudden erasure of such boundaries of the physical body, personality, &ct.

(1) every thought has a qualia ... in that it has a distinct feel to it as it is thunk.  usually, me thinks, how it feels is related to how its content is expected to affect our selves.  example, thinking "he is going to shoot me", is going to have a distinct fear attached, were it have to be thought and also ring true.

... not quite sure where this is going ... thinking out loud here.  so far this should not be controversial at all ... let's see if we can get into the interesting part ...

so let's say that we think a thought about a thought ... a meta thought as it were.  for example i think a new thought, something that i never thought before ... let's call that thought T.  Now T felt a certain way when i thunk it, call that Tq. 

so then we proceed to think a subsequent thought call it  S(T), ... which could be about another new thought or or just about our thinking T, or about how thinking T felt, S(Tq).

hold on ... this gets a bit complex ... need to be clear on the semantics ... but i think there might be enough here to tease out a moment that happened this morning.  the point being in the area of discouraging certain kinds of S(Tq) ... or of seeing them for what they are ... or of being able to strike a certain attitude towards them ... or of attracting ones that are useful and contribute to good swimming and discouraging ones that do not.   i actually think i am doing part of that quite naturally and it is working somewhat to a certain extent.  this item here is an attempt to become more aware of what i am doing in this regard. 

... this is very personal to me and almost certainly does not apply to anybody else.  so read it at your own peril, and try not to project your own shit or dogma upon it.

Inevitably what i think i am getting at is the ability to feel good about something (a deed, a thought, a feeling) and about the qulalia of that thing too ... point being that usually i have left that just up to whatever ... but it occurs to me that i have quite a bit of control of how i feel about those meta awarenesses ... perhaps even more than the original occurrences.  So in that sense i can become my own guide.  There are some phiosophical implications there too.  LOL calls it a higher self ... RS calls it a guardian angel ... ya da ya da, da ... i call it what of it i can experience, no presumed or imagined entities necessary.  except my own ... lol   then too they will tell me that these beings are something else entirely ... er, wait for it ... wait for it

then too, it is not just me and my meta feelings about what I (think, do, and feel) ... others react to what i (think, do, and feel) too ... and those meta reactions reward or punish my feeling habits just like my own meta reactions.   in fact they are probably primarily what has trained my my meta habits.   my wife, the closest and most intimate person to me, is a strong source of reward/punishment ... but there are others with whom I strongly interact whom affect me as well.

so this is probably standard psychology and not related to the other mystical beings at all ... er, or is it?

this is really all about learning how to swim... see [item 17301]

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a cause of turbulence

We each have our boxes in which we do things.  I think most every adult realizes that.  What is not so well known is that each of us has a separate box in our minds for everybody else that we know.  Usually our habit is to act twards other individuals so as to keep them inside their box in our head.  But where they get out of their actual box, and we do not let them out of their box in our head, there will be turbulence in the relationship. 

 published on FB .
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