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Truth, beauty & goodness
Truth, beauty & goodness are necessarily founded on falsehood, ugliness & evil, which are as manure to grow roses ! (CFR 1964 Tai Shu p.1643)

I have come into this world to make a difference in human evolution: physically & spiritually - to teach or show by example the power of Love & the Golden Rule on this plane, NOW! to guide, assist, inspire & sow the seeds of a peaceful revolution & transformation - like the rose which transforms the substance of a manure pile into the beauty & fragrance of a flower .

I stand for the possibility that each HUMAN BEING becomes a Star in the Garden of the Universe! (MR 1996)

** picture credits (expired) **

Then too the Charter of Compassion says just about the same thing in a different way. It could be a good idea to read their Facebook Page . The I which says "I have come into the world ......" (above) can be projected into as an Ego by anyone.

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Christianity is portrayed as a personal romance

source: unspecified

Jesus was more than a man
And as He invites us too seek Him, holding out His hand,
Will we follow, or keep building on sand?

... when i hear examples of this portrayal of romance, i will collect them here.

--------- vs ----------

So what does a personal relationship with Jesus Christ satisfy, what does it fulfill?

Well in today's world a personal savior makes tolerable society treating us as interchangeable parts ... and being oblivious to us personally.
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New Print Catalogs by Niche

Format:  2 (or 3) x 8.5 by 11 sheets

To be produced for different market niches:
  1. PT  - Practical Tools - assigned to db page numbers  1 - 8 ( 9 -12 reserved for 3 sheets)
    1. sheet 1 - 4
      • sheet 1:  page 1: 4 products .  logo on top & endicia on botton

    2. sheet 5 - 8
    3. sheet 9 - 12
  2. RG - 13 - 20 religious
  3. GN - Gifts & Novelties - assigned to db page number  21 - 28 (29 - 32 reserved for 3 sheets)
  4. EC - 33 - 39 Childrens Educational Toys
  5. 40 - overflow gifts and novelties and toys
  6. HL - Holidays - assigned to db page number 41 - 52 
  7. 53 - 56 unassigned 
  8. 57 - overflow TBD
  9. 58 - NEW -
  10. 59 - overflow TBD
  11. ---------------------------------------------^^ in CD and print catalogs
  12. 60 - only on the web
  13. --- 61 - 69  open for nieches but may need to alter program
  14. 70 - front door banners
  15. --- 71 - 88  open for nieches but may need to alter program
  16. 89 - catalog introductions and policies
  17. --- 90 - 98  open for nieches but may need to alter program
  18. 99 dead products

Note that the procedure to generate these catalogs is already pretty much the same as in the old print catalog procedure and programming.   Yet the following programming and procedural changes should be made ...

Procedure to prepare a niech broshire for press

  1. Denise will compose the niche pages
  2. Generate the XML for InDesign from any page with the XML button on the top.
  3. Generate the checker local html page with the Gen Local button
  4. FTP these back to ... directory
  5. Copy past this link to check picture for apparently local hyperlinks do not work
    • file:///Users/sethrussell/Documents/
  6. file:////Users/sethrussell/Google%20Drive/print%20projects/niche%20PT%20201408/local_pictures.html
  7. Import file to InDesign template
    1. --
    2. --

previous start on this project indicates how we could select customers for a mailing

  • selecting customers who have purchased certain kinds of products
    • products are not classified in our legacy local database ... so we must transfer those classifications, "class", from our new product database in the cloud.  
    • ftp db/productClass.tam to c: tome
    • run codeselectivemail.prg
      • it transfers class from rawclass db built from to product table.  2 passess, one for major products, next for varieties

Inevitably we need to name each niche with a code, see 2 character bold code above, and assign each customer to up to 3 niches. 

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CD Catalog Going to Press today
But you don't have to wait for your snail mail, you can go listen to it now on-line ... no postage necessary

just go to .

I'm gonna try to publish this to iTunes, but that will take a moment's thought.


Here is the procedure i used to cut the master:
  1. Choose the right view ... at this point we need to consult the filters in the code and make sure that is what denise is actually doing.
    1. for the spring catalog ... use the filter (view) called "Spring Catalog" ... it includes page 2 through 48 and page 58 for the new products and excludes all class christmas and halloween and any products that are not active.
    2. for the summer catalog we have been using just what is new (pg 58) and other selected classes.  you need to edit the criteria in the filter to select which catagories.  in 2013 we sent out 2 CDs. 
    3. for the winter catalog
      • Chrismas and Halloween are moved out of their normal alphabetic locations by class to the end of the catalog (cd #4).  This was done in 2013 by SQL commands as follows
        • in the class field UPDATE "christmas" with "xmas" and  "halloween" with xhalloween".... then after the cd is cut, move them back.  the SQL commands to do this have been saved at the bottom of cd_catalog/index.php
    4. generally ...
    • $view is either "" or "summer" or "no-christmas" ... check case statement
    • $timePerCD may need to be dinked with if the CD will not burn - the calculation of the time of each recording is approximate.
    • Note when doing the first CD catalog of the year set $view="no-christmas" in the index.php code and move all of the Easter products to page 49.
  2. go to cd_catalog and, with a privileged remote address, you can click on [change view] and [write playlists].  Change view will show the products that need to be recorded
    • for a full catalog, put products on pages 1 to 48 or 58, and $view=""
    • if this is a summer catalog, and only those items on page 58  will appear in the catalog, then change $view="summer"
    • cd will be produced in ascending order by class and within that decending order by creation date. 
    • introductions and endings are put on page 89 and coded in class to sequence them.
      • if you edit introduction or ending as an item, you will need to manyally via sql fix the class sequence as it gets wiped out by the db logic.  With a bit of programming this could be fixed.
    • record the products and upload them to /cd_catalog with the file format cd_XXXXX.mp3 where XXXXX is the item code
    • denise can audit and listen to the catalog via the url above
    • when all recordings are finished and accepted, just click write playlist
    • ftp back to mac mini ~documents/
      • all playlist that were generated ... 1 for every cd to produce
      • all new mp3 files recorded
    • Note iTunes the preferences under the advanced tab 
      • "Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding to library" must be unchecked.  That way the files will be left in their original spot under the cd_catalog directory. 
    • Now import the play lists into iTunes
      • In Itunes:  File, Library, Import Playlist ... then select the playlists that were just ftp's back from the server and are not in the cd_catalog directory
      • if a mp3 file is not present in the local cd_catalog directory there will be a warning message that "all files could not be found".   Well, doah, try to find them and make sure they are there.
      • audit and make changes if necessary
        • one time it was necessary to move a recording from cd 2 to cd 3 because iTunes refused to burn disk
        • Note recrodings of cd 2 headings need to be recorded and added to the playlist manually.
  3. Burn CDs
    • In iTunes: File, Burn playlist to CD - right click the playlist and select "Burn Playlist to disc"
    • in the screen that pops up
        • preferred speed: max possible
        • Disc format: Audio
        • Gap Between Songs: none
        • check the box for Include CD Text
    • Then Burn baby Burn
  4. denise can pre-audit the file over on the server in cd_catalog prior to burning or the CDs themselves after burning ... her choice.
That's all there is to it.  This item will be referenced in /db and updated when it changes.
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An excellant group for tech assistance with HTML for blind authors

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Lemon Baked Chicken
About: Zoom

Thanks to the Renton Food Exchange

1 Blue Valley Meats organic chicken exchanged with Rebecca's pay it forward.

A bed of Onions, Potatoes, Broccoli, Garlic, Lemons

Slow baked for several hours at 325 degrees in dutch oven.

Yummy ....


So one day of legs and thighs,

and one of chicken bean burrito ...


and 2 days of chicken soup

the week of the chicken usually goes like that
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