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From the Tai Shu on Freedom Thu - 30+ years ago "Emphasis seems to be on the splitting-up when the Threshold is crossed which incidentally provides Nourishment for those parts of the Cosmos towards which the dispersed are attracted.  The fight between & among all these opposites is what enables humanity to achieve equilibrium & thus Freedom.  Not one but two sets of laws cancelling each other out providing a space for the Eternal Being to do what It wills! "

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"Freedom can be achieved through transcending opposites to bring about balance e.g., between forces of gravity & levity like those of the earth & moon; thus to be involved in the work of the gods in an active way, with awareness & the sacramental attitude."

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A different slant on the Right To Privacy
One would think that if civil aviation has to be regulated to avoid accidents that drones be included, eh? (video)

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Why Does Mexico NOT clean up their own country?
... instead of exporting their problems North.  Ditto for Central America, Cuba, & the Middle East & Africa.
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nuff said
I wonder what would happen if one actually used this.(**)

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Rights 2015-07-29 07:48:14 [item 18627]
I would actually fact check it against municipal & state laws.
& maybe have a lawyer off stage somewhere.
seth 2015-07-29 07:54:31 [item 18627]
this might help and then also watching chris rock's video of how not to get your ass kicked by the police should be required for anyone who starts out in today's world.
Funny, I watched it the first time you posted. OTOH, I instinctively understood the dynamics before I watched the video . The above "card" I might not have considered, but probably wouldn't have needed all the details. 

seth 2015-07-29 08:54:34 [item 18627]
I think eventually society will diminish police powers.  It will help us to be more civilized. 
I'm not going to hold my breath on that. The trend right now is in the opposite direction.

seth 2015-07-29 09:19:42 [item 18627]
Rights 2015-07-29 09:06:49 [item 18627]
seth 2015-07-29 08:54:34 [item 18627]
I think eventually society will diminish police powers.  It will help us to be more civilized. 
I'm not going to hold my breath on that. The trend right now is in the opposite direction.

Well i don't know ... there are several recent cases where the police are being held accountable for stepping over the line and lots of talk about revising where the line is by legislation.  It should not be legal for a policeman to kill somebody and just claim that they felt threatened.  That seems to be the situation today.  In the future that must change. When it does, we will be more civilized.
Yeah, hopefully with hope being the operative word. If everyone observed the Golden Rule there would be no need for other laws & the police state.

seth 2015-07-29 10:58:44 [item 18627]
yep, hopefully .   Changing the legal process is what needs to happen.  There will be opposition of course ... mostly based upon fear of criminals ... we saw that happen in Furgerson where the cops backed off and crime increased.  It will be a long process.  But come back in 50 years, be a black person and dispaly an attitude towards a cop who stops you, see if you get killed again or not.   Or maybe just be an innocent red head on Venice boulevard who doesn't recognize the power of an authority ... see if you get violently thrown in jail. 

i mean, over time, we do get more civilized.
I won't do that. It is all story. I've been blessed by knowing where certain ideals & thoughts have come from most of my life.  Some interpret that as possibly authoritarian or behooven to such. PR says near the end of PC to give up the "story of my life". It's hard to do.  I would not probably be doing PR zen had I not been set on the path originally with GW which is part of my story. Hopefully racism will die out , but I suspect it will take the natural tendency of melding the races over the next 1000 years before it does.

Why Mismatchers Get Stuck in Polarity

Meta-Program #4 " Matcher or Mismatcher (***)

Robbins writes:

“This meta-program determines how you sort information to learn, understand, and the like. Some people respond to the world by finding sameness. They look at things and see what they have in common. They’re matchers. Other people are mismatchers " difference people. There are two kinds of them. One type looks at the world and sees how things are different … The other kind of mismatcher sees differences with exceptions. He’s like a matcher who finds sameness with exceptions in reverse " he sees the differences first, and then he’ll add the things they have in common.”

If you ever find somebody that always seems to have to disagree with you, now you know why.


Ontologically it is even simpler - one finds his Ego by everything else being "other" & defending his own Ego as the things that agree with him & those that don't .

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