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Air is only the body of tone, which becomes part of the Music of the Spheres; theory cools us down, but Moral fires us with enthusiasm; matter is not conserved forever, but dies at the zero-point & through Humanity is born again.
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Sin Pook I,30,21 ...    via P.2213
source: This is the creation of the world, that the pain of division is as nothing, and the joy of dissolution all.


It makes a difference which beings (networks) with whom we interact.  Now we can kind of choose which beings with whom we interact, but once we start interacting, we are bound to the consequences of that interaction. 

That applies equally to our own habits, other people, and the cultural habits and institutions of the world.
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Fun for Cubists & a Respite from Words
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Who creates a contingency ?
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I still like this Poster
I had it in my apartment in DC in the 70's & in my room at Walgrove & somehow it transitioned into the cosmic ooze.

Still taming dragons.


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