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i keep getting the connotation that this is like osmosis only different.
Not really, that is just the urban dictionary definition sense.

All options for action are equally motivated at the same time.

Nothing has any charge +/- on it.
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so does movement happen or not?
eventually - something shakes loose

Being in the World
Might be nice to watch.  It should be up Bozo's alley, but maybe not. Found at FB & it explains a bit about Werner Erhards meaning of "in the world" versus being in one's head.
One of the trailer pics below:

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The Exstensional Approach

A thing is defined by the items it collects. See the context google "extensional approach" This comes from the math concept extensional vs intensional which gives us two different ways to define a set. An extensional set is defined by the items themselves. An intensional set is defined by some external criteria or definition. The point of this item is to say that fastblogit uses the "extensional approach" to defining groups, and tagrooms, and pretty much any kind of entity that you find here.

note this item was started in 2005 ... and is now being called up in 2014.  Below are the additions.

"A  collection is best shared as the actual things that make it up, rather than some quality that is subjectively associated with it." -- Bozo's Principle

Please bear in mind here that the design principle above is being flown up the flagpole for the sake of discussion and wording.  But this thinking is not just me, this is a movement of thought that has been going in this direction for quite some time ... see The Extensional Stance.
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Obama Democrats
Just Asking ...  (snuck not yet!)

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Pumpkin Bread

Starting with this recipe which worked well with Zucchini.

Cooking time is critical.  I am using smaller cooking tins, 3 x 2 x 6 instead of the ones in the recipe.  Last time 45 minutes was just a might too long at 350 degrees in my oven.   This time perhaps i will try 40 minutes at 350. 

Also i am baking the pumpkin ... but maybe i will try part baked and part grated. 

4 loafs in the oven now .   The pumpkin baked so nicely that i decided not to puree it in the food processor.  The recipe above i followed almost exactly, but i used just a tad off of the teaspoon of salt and substituted pinion nuts for walnuts.   Oh and i substituted 3 large duck eggs from the farm instead of chicken eggs.   I used roughfly half of a 5lb pumpkin for the four loaves below.  Quite enough left over for either another batch or some pumpkin soup or perhaps a small pumpkin pie.

zoom to G+  In the background is pumpkin seeds drying for Lina's chickens.

Bake time was 44 minutes, but i think next time i will stick with 40 minutes and just forget the idea of putting the knife in to see if it is too moist.  By the time it chills and ages in surranwrap it is quite dry enough. 

Now goes to the labeling dept.


Making another batch today, only these are going to be muffins and have frosting.   And come from one of my little pumpkins which is not going to be baked, but rather just grated.

Frosting some variation on ...

3 ounces cream cheese, room temperature
6 tablespoons (3/4 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature
1/3 cup mascarpone cheese, room temperature
3 tablespoons honey

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